Monday, 14 November 2016

ThingLink The Website That Changes Lives

Kia Orana Bloggers,
I Have been learning how to use ThingLink. Do you know what ThingLink is?.I will tell you. ThingLink is a website that you can make your own thing.The thing you can make is like you can get a picture and use it as your background and you can add a dot or a letter from A to D.You can add music you can add facts about things you know. For example the Earth can be your background and you can tell facts about Earth.Click on ThingLink an you will make your own thing and sign up.Here is a link to a document for ThingLink. Enjoy!


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  2. Hello JD
    Here is a link to my feedback and I hope that you enjoy feedback.

  3. HI JD
    I really like how your fast & furious 8 and the other things are made. but If the wallpaper Is fast & furious 8 there should be the full movie with it? But I did like it

  4. Hi JD

    Thank you for sharing your learning. It would be a great idea to reread your post and check if it makes sense. One more thing, I was just wondering if the fast and the furious image is free to use?

    Thank you
    Miss Fortes